Imagine:  your career with horses, making a
achieving financial freedom. It can be yours!
Your Best Education Value for the Dollar Today is:
A BSU online equine studies degree

       An accredited Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies degree from Breyer State Univesity is less than $12,500, including the purchase of new books if needed.   (The average traditional college equine study degree program is priced at $85,000 plus; if you can get accepted… and that figure doesn't reflect the cost of taking a horse to school with you.)  No need for big cash can take one course at a time and save for your next need for a student loan and high interest rates that put you in debt. 
The smart choice is the affordable choice.    See for a comparison chart of how much more a degree means in dollar earnings.

       Eliminate travel costs to attend classes, campus or off-campus housing, and the time saved by being able to study when convenient for you, and it's easy to see why nearly 3 million students are now enrolled in online degree programs.  The Sloan Consortium surveyed teachers and administrators of colleges and universities and found the majority agreed online leaning was equal or superior to classroom education.

      The cost of traditional college education continues to rise at an alarming rate and that is sending the student debt rate higher.  According to USA Today the rise in unmanageable debt has raised concerns that many graduates won't be able to pursue careers in fields that have traditional modest salaries.   Nearly a quarter of four-year public-school graduates and 38% of private-school graduates who become teachers can't afford to repay their debts on a starting teacher's salary.

      Breyer State is holding the line on the cost of courses…$400 tuition for each course…and allows the students to enroll in one course at time, so there is virtually no need to borrow money.  A student can save enough while taking one course to have the tuition ready for the next course.  By not paying interest on loans, the value ratio of the Breyer education is even better.

      Trying to get qualified instructors is another tuition increase factor.  Check the faculty at most traditional equine college programs and you'll find one faculty member often teaches courses in fields in which they have little or no experience.

      Because the Breyer degree program is online, the faculty does not have to be housed close to the college.  Breyer faculty members are award-winning trainers, including 5 World Champion trainers, authors, veterinarians and nutrition specialists with proven records of success in the fields they teach; they live where they want to live…on their farms or ranches though-out the country.

      Getting more bang for you buck, and not having debt, is the smartest educational choice.