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Sculpt Your Horse

        This course will walk you through the steps of equine sculpture from beginning to end so that you may create an image of your horse that will last a lifetime.

         Instructor Deanna Cummins will take you step by step through the art mediums-photography and drawing and work with clay--used to create your sculpture.

         An artist must thoroughly understand the subject which he or she is to create whether it is for realistic or stylized ar.t

        The focus of this course is teaching you art skills that will enable you to draw and sculpt your own horse. 

        Sculpting is a process needing patience and precision, but not necessarily experience.  Deanna will be with you as you decide the composition of your sculpture, taking photos of your horse, applying the clay, creating the unique and individual details which make your horse your horse.

        All the tools and materials you'll need are available in "kit form" directly from your instructor.  You will be required to provide photos and send both photos and videos as you create your sculpture.

                     Lesson 1: The first steps in creating a sculpture
                                       A. Materials and tools
                                            1. Tools and how to use them
                                            2. Available materials 
                                       B. Photographing your subject
                                           1. Using the surroundings
                                           2. Proportions in a photo
                                           3. Lighting and how to use it
                                           4. Photographing the parts of the horse
                                       C. Choosing your composition

                    Lesson 2: Subject basics
                                     A. The basic shapes of your subject
                                          1. The horse as a whole
                                          2. Breaking the horse down into parts
                                          3. The head and other parts of the body
                                      B. Structure of the horse (Anatomy and Conformation)
                                          1. Basic conformation
                                      C. Horse in motion
                                           1. The trotting horse
                                           2. The walking horse
                                           3. The cantering horse
                                      D. Study of the head
                                           1. Muscles and expressions
                                      E. Horse behavior and temperament

                   Lesson 3: Drawing
                                      A. Why you must draw your subject before sculpting it
                                      B. Drawing techniques
                                            1. Drawing tools and how to use them
                                            2. Shapes and shading
                                            3. The negative space
                                       C. Your horse on paper
                                             1. The horse as shapes
                                             2. Defining and drawing the silhouette
                                       D. Hair and muscle
                                             1. Techniques for drawing hair
                                             2. Techniques for drawing muscle
                                             3. Defining hair against muscle

                   Lesson 4: The first stages of sculpting
                                       A. Medallion or 3D sculpture
                                            1. Techniques used for a medallion
                                                  a. The 3D medallion
                                                  b. The 2D medallion
                                            2. Techniques used for a 3D sculpture
                                       B. The armature
                                            1. Tools for building an armature and how to use them
                                       C. Size, measurements and angles
                                       D. Keeping your finished sculpture in mind

                    Lesson 5: Medium and application
                                       A. Different clay and medium options
                                            1. Clay and other mediums
                                       B. Applying the clay to the armature
                                       C. Body proportions 
                                           1. Measuring your armature for body and leg proportions

                    Lesson 6: Detail and technique
                                       A. The finishing touch for your clay figure
                                           1. Detailing the head
                                                  a. Eyes, eyelids and nostrils
                                                  b. Ears and facial muscle 
                                                  c. Veins
                                          2. Detailing the legs
                                                  a. Ligaments, hooves and hair
                                          3. Sculpting hair
                                          4. Sculpting muscle 
                                          5. Color options for your sculpture
                                          6. Base and mounting options
                                          7. Defining your style as an artist
                                                 a. Sculpt what you like and know
                                                 b. Using materials that appeal to you
                                          8. Casting
                                                  a. Bronze and the process
                                                  b. Resin and the process
                                          9. Paint or patina


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