Nutrition for Maximum Performance
Online Horse Nutrition Course


  Grace P:  Thank you for an informative lesson, I appreciate the way you explain things and make the material easy to understand.  I read several other articles out there about the subject material, and yours by far was the clearest information. (This is in reference to lesson eight - Feeding the Performance Horse, which goes over aerobic and anaerobic exercise.)

        Mary E:
Thank you for your guidance and comments during the excellent Nutrition course. I highly recommend you and your course. I grately appreciated your quick responses to my lessson answers.

         Meaghan B:
This has been an excellent course, and I have learned a great deal from you. Thank you for being an amazing instructor and teaching me in a way I could learn effectively. I would reccomend this course to anyone!

Cora F: "I learned a lot from this course - different manufactured feed products have always confused me, I understand it so much better now! Based on what I have learned I plan to make a few small changes to my feeding program - thank you!

Barb M: "While taking the online course I felt like I had a private tutor.  Being able to work on the course  anytime was great...when I can't sleep - I study.  The course was put together very well and easy to follow."

Anna R: "I enrolled in the nutrition course because I had rescued two horses and I was getting all kinds of conflicting advice on how to care for them.  Eleanor (the instructor) answered my questions.  Within a month the horses showed improvement and are now healthy and happy.  Thank you!"

Robin S:  "I was spending a fortune on supplements.  By the fourth lesson I had eliminated all my supplements, except for one joint support product. My horses are looking better and my expenses have decreased - allowing me to take more online courses through!"

Jennifer P:  "I was having trouble with my email and getting my grades.  One afternoon the telephone rang and it was the instructor for the nutrition course.  We had a lengthly chat and figured out my email problem (they were going in my spam folder).  I was very surprised to receive the call and the personal attention.  I love the course and the online program.  Soon I will have my bachelor's of science degree in equine studies from Breyer State University."

David G: "I started the nutrition course four years ago, but due to personal reasons never finished the course.  When I got settled I contacted the instructor and picked up where I left off.  There was never any question or problem about coming back.  I have just enrolled in Stable Management and Health and Disease Management because I want to start my own boarding stable.  These online courses are great!"

Connie L: "I board my horses and was concerned about the feed they were getting.  After taking the nutrition course I made some changes in my horses' diet and they are doing much better.  The other boarders now come to me for advice and I've been offered a job to manage the stable.  I'll be enrolling in more courses."

T. Brown: Great course:  I have made a few changes to my own horses diets from what I have learned.  Easy to understand and apply!  Thanks!!! My horses appreciate it!