Stable Management
Online Horse Course


  M. Higgason: Thank you so much for all of your comments and feedback and for being willing to answer my questions even when they didn't relate to the current chapter.  I've learned a lot from this course -- hopefully I won't have to use all of it but "things happen."

          All of the various first-aid and bandaging sections are certainly incredibly important but there have been plenty of "small" things throughout the course that have been a great help.  For example, I've watched lots of people tie various forms of "quick release" knots (some of them having nothing to do with "quick release").  I had tried to figure out something from all of those versions that I could use and I never felt that I had anything remotely right.  The section of your class that covered the quick release knot was clear and easy to follow and made sense.  I've been using that knot ever since.  The other day, the vet was out for checkups.  After exchanging a few pleasantries, he turned to get his stuff out of the truck and I turned to get Molly.  I just grabbed the end of her lead line, pulled, flipped the length off the post, and started to walk toward the vet.  He did a double-take.  I'm sure it was because I was using the right kind of knot and it was actually quick.  (I refrained from saying, "Ta-da!  See what I can learn!")

         Thanks again for everything.  I'm sure my horses would thank you, too, if they could write.  Ever bit I learn makes a better and safer environment for them.