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Pivot on the Forehand

If you want a horse to go forward slowly and softly, be sure you can move your horse's hip anytime and anywhere.
      Turns on the forehand will soften your horse's responses to leg cues and will teach the horse to move the hip as little or as much as you want with a very subtle cue. 
      To move the horse's hip to the right, for example, shift your weight slightly to the left, move your left leg back and push the hindquarters to the right…while you are pushing the hindquarters right, block the forehand with the right rein. 
      Lateral movement is difficult for the horse, so be sure to only ask for a step or two at first.  As the horse learns, ask for more hip movement until the horse can move the hip in a 360 degree circle without hesitation.  Be sure to praise the horse for each attempt made to comply with the hip movement request.

Teach your horse to pivot or turn on the forehand
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