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Being a Certified Professional Riding Instructor is career enhancing and life enriching.  Certification means you have successfully completed a series of courses and acquired the specialized knowledge it implies.

        Knowledge applied to a purpose is true power; and those who possess the knowledge have the power to make significant contributions to benefit pleasure riders and the riding champions of the future.

       Certification is an academic record of your achievement.  Certification grants you the right to put PrI (professional riding instructor) after your name.

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      Once all required courses for the Professional Riding Instructor Certification have been successfully completed, Equine Studies Institute will award your
Certified Professional Riding Instructor certificate.

      Students may begin courses at anytime, work at their own pace and convenience without completion deadlines, and take one or more courses at the same time and of their own choosing.

      Earning "certification" as a professional riding instructor requires the completion of 10 designated courses.  Students will receive a "certificate of achievement" for each course completed as well as any "elective" courses completed.
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                             Required Courses: 
                             You must complete all of the following courses to be awarded Certification

                                                    Conformation and Selection for Performance $275.00
* Riding Instructor's Role and Responsibilities $275.00
                                                          * Prerequisite for Teaching Techniques
Teaching Techniques $275.00
Bits, Saddle Fitting and Hoof Balance $275.00
Behavior Modification Techniques $275.00
Nutrition for Maximum Performance $275.00
Stable Management $275.00
Equine Health and Disease Management $275.00
Legal Aspects of Horse Management $275.00
Preparation for Competition $275.00

                           Elective Courses: two (2) are required for Certification:
                                                   The Business of Making Money With Horses $275.00
Competitive Longe Line $275.00
Equine Sports Massage $275.00
Equine Safety and Rescue $275.00
Equine Photography $275.00
Dressage: Foundation for All Riding Disciplines $275.00
Equine Reproduction $275.00
Coat Color Genetics $275.00
Rev Up Your Dressage Scores $275.00
Sculpt Your Horse $275.00
Showmanship in Hand $275.00
Fit To Ride $275.00
Train for Western Riding $275.00

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        It is suggested students register and take the courses in the sequence listed above, but it is not mandatory.  Students may begin a course whenever they choose and may get assistance from their instructors by e-mail at any time.  Students study the lesson material at their convenience and then submit assignments and quizzes online.  Instructors grade the work and return comments by e-mail.  If the student's work is satisfactory, the student will then receive the next lesson link.

      Some courses require videos and/or pictures.  You may submit via a video or picture hosting websites, such as YouTube or PhotoBucket.  You may also send via snail mail.

       The curriculum in this program is designed to be practical and applicable to all equestrian disciplines.  The focus is always on the eventual success of the individual student.

       As with all good certification, credential and licensing programs, we expect you to remain informed about the latest techniques, advances, skills and research that affects you and the horses within your care.
       Certification from Equine Studies Institute as a Professional Horse Trainer or Professional Riding Instructor is granted for your lifetime…however, it is expected you will continue seeking knowledge and it is expected you will renew your "certification" every two years.
       To be eligible for "certification renewal" you must complete and verify a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education during each two-year period.  You will be given "continuing education" credit for online and classroom college courses, for formal seminars and clinics, and for participation in breed association or organizational educational programs.  (E-mail:
info@horsecoursesonline.com for eligibility of educational programs.)
       You must submit your certification renewal information along with a check or money order for $40 to HorseCoursesOnline, 838 Georg Oaks, Bulverde. TX 78163.  Be sure to include dates, receipts, transcripts or other pertinent information for verification.

To change your life, establish yourself as a professional and leader among riding instructors and assure your financial future, begin your quest for Certification as a Professional Riding Instructor today.