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Seven Reasons Why "Online" is your
Best College or Certification Choice

1. Faculty.  Every one of our 17 faculty members is an award-winner with a proven record of success doing what he or she teaches, and they teach practical, use-it-now, real-world information.  Five members of our faculty are the trainers of World Champion horses.  Ask questions and get assistance, one-on-one with your instructor anytime; just e-mail for personal attention. No other college or equine study program has such a diversified and experienced staff.  In fact, in many cases, our instructors "wrote the book" other colleges use in their classrooms. 

2. Online.  This is "new school" offering access to more information and more experts than ever before possible.  "New school" is the future now.  Academic leaders agree online education is equal to and often superior to classroom instruction.  Employers, by more than 90%, say they prefer an online graduate because they are "self-starters, self disciplined and have an immediate impact on business."  Online students now represent more than 20% of the total college enrollments. 

3. Convenient.  Start any course at anytime, take one course at a time, or several. There are no completion deadlines for the equine study courses, and you will never be "locked out."  You study when you want to study, working at your pace.  Course lessons are available to you at or night.  Traditional study text is supplemented by demonstation videos which show you step by step how to master horsemanship skills.

4. Affordable.  The total cost of a Breyer State University Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Studies is less than $12,500, including the purchase of books; and you can pay as you go, taking just one course at a time.  Traditional equine study BS degree programs average $85,000, with more than 23% of that cost going to support "athletic programs.
      No travel to a campus means no gasoline expenses, room and board expenses, or boarding your horse.

5. Fast.  Our graduates are earning their accredited Bachelor of Science degree in 24 to 28 months.  There are no prerequisites, but you must submit high school transcripts.  Eight general education courses are administered by Breyer State University.  Equine Study courses make up 96 credits toward your degree rather than just 60 at traditonal colleges.  There are no delays for semesters, or course start dates, holidays, spring or summer closing.  You start any course anytime you wish, and then complete the course in your time frame.  The more you already know about horses, the faster you'll move through the course curriculum…this is your fast trac to success.

6. Broader Scope.  While all degree and certification programs offer the traditional or core courses, as we do, our students study a wider range of subjects, including Traditional Vaquero Hackamore Training, Coat Color Genetics, Legal Aspects of Horse Management, Showmanship in Hand, Preparation for Competition, and The Business of Making Money With Horses.  In addition you may take courses such as Train a Reiner, Train for Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, and Longe Line with World Champion trainers.  As the horse world specializes and expands, you need more information and you need it faster.  We update our courses whenever (sometimes daily) there is new information you need, the rules change, or there is an equine science breakthrough. 

7. Leadership. is the world's leading provider of online equine study curriculum, serving nearly 4,000 students and 8 international colleges.  We began teaching "distance" horse training techniques by developing a correspondence course for the University of California, extension, Riverside, CA, more than 35 years ago. We joined with Breyer State University in May 2004 to offer the first fully accredited online Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies degree.  Our Professional Horse Trainer and Professional Riding Instructor certifications are granted by the Equine Studies Institute, a HorseCoursesOnline company.  Both the Bachelor's degree and the Professional Certifications are recognized and accepted worldwide.