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Courses Available

Behavior Modification Techniques
Bits, Saddle Fitting and Hoof Balance
The Business of Making Money with Horses
Competitive Longe Line
Conformation and Selection for Performance
Dressage: Foundation for All Riding Disciplines
Essential Oils and Acupressure for Horses
Equine Massage
Equine Photography
Equine Reproduction
Equine Safety and Rescue
Five Element Theory for Horses
Fit To Ride

Health and Disease Management
Legal Aspects of Horse Management
Nutrition for Maximum Performance
Preparation for Competition
Rev Up Your Dressage Scores
Ride Competitive Trail
Riding Instructor Role and Responsibilities
Riding Instructor Teaching Techniques
Showmanship in Hand
Stable Management
Stallion Management
Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory for Horses
Traditional Vaquero Hackamore Training
Train a Reiner
Train for Trail Class
Train for Western Riding
Training Performance Horses offers equine studies curriculum written by award-winning experts with proven records of success in the fields they teach, providing students with the opportunity to achieve a superior education.

       While clear and concise explanations of horse training, massage, showmanship, dressage and stable management are the foundation teaching aids, video clips are being added as frequently as possible to all courses when "seeing" a goal or skill can significantly enhance understanding. maintains several "in-training horses" to demonstrate specific foot-fall sequences, training techniques, specialized movements, and to provide "seeing and doing" video for nutrition, health care, grooming and equipment use.   

       The video links here are a sample of how video can help you better understand and quickly grasp concepts.  Video clips are included in many course lessons, and are being added as we continue to improve, update and expand our efforts to provide the most comprehensive online equine study degree and certification programs available.